How Can You Help?

Sadly the battle to ensure Brexit actually happens and we don’t just get a slightly modified version of Theresa May’s appalling withdrawal agreement is not over. It can only be won with your help. So if you are willing to stand up to ensure that the democratic mandate is delivered we’d love to hear from you. There are many ways in which we need people to help the campaign.

  • Joining our campaign whatsapp groups
  • Going door to door with us
  • Coming to events
  • Helping prepare material for posting
  • Taking on a specific role within the team
  • Following us on social media and sharing what we post
  • Talking to your friends
  • Helping with our ‘get the vote out’ operation on polling day
  • Running or joining a street stall
  • And many other ways!!

Some of these these things are small things you can do that will make a difference and others far larger. But whatever you can do, big or small, if you believe in us being a self-governing country once again please help us in some way. We’re really friendly and appreciate all support, so please get in touch and let’s talk about what you’d be happy to help with.