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Revoking Article 50 – The Most Dangerous Idea In British Politics

Harry Gwynne, our Brexit Party Candidate for North Norfolk, has called the Liberal Democrat proposal to revoke Article 50 the single most dangerous idea in British Politics. He writes:

This is no longer about whether you voted Leave or Remain, it’s about whether you believe in the concept of democracy or not. Offering your population a choice and saying, as our government did, “The Government Will Implement Your Decision” and then not doing so essentially renders our democracy meaningless. Our democracy may not be perfect but it is the thin line that divides us from authoritarianism and chaos; it should not be held so cheaply. There are many people in North Norfolk who may have voted Liberal Democrat in the past but will be horrified with this rejection of democratic principles. 

In their determination to stop Brexit at any cost, the Liberal Democrats have abandoned their principles and have totally overreached themselves proposing something that is neither Liberal or Democratic. Many figures even within the Liberal Party have spoken to this effect. These include our current MP, Norman Lamb, who has said that the move was “incredibly dangerous” and that the party was “playing with fire”. Sadly, the modern Lib Dem party is a very long way from the Norman Lambs of this world. 

The only way we can move forward and heal as a country is by implementing what was voted for. If anyone believes, as the Lib Dem leadership clearly does, that you can just revoke Article 50 and everything will go back to how it was before the referendum, they are living in a complete fantasy world. 

The question wasn’t Remain or Leave with a specific deal, it was Remain or Leave. Inevitably in any negotiation there is a chance a deal cannot be reached. At this point, there is no deal that can be reached that will deviate substantially from Theresa May’s terrible withdrawal agreement, which would leave us in a state of ‘vassalage’ according to one Boris Johnson and so at this point having a clean break Brexit is by far the best option. This will also create a level footing to negotiate our future relationship as partners and equals, not as a captive attempting to escape, which is where we are now.

If you believe in the UK being a self-governing country or if you simply believe in fair play and respecting a clear democratic mandate, then there is only one way to vote in North Norfolk and that is for the Brexit Party.

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