Our Policies

We will release a full policy platform come the next general election. However, our overriding focus in the short to medium term will be on the following two general themes. Specific policies can be found below.

1) Deliver a clean Brexit

Democracy has been betrayed by our current MPs.  The result of the referendum has been ignored and politicians of all political persuasions have tried to delay and overturn the decision. 

The Brexit Party stands behind the 17.4 million voters and will leave the EU, the single market, the customs union and the jurisdiction of the ECJ.   

The Brexit Party believes that in the long term only a clean break with the EU will allow the UK to really prosper. A fully independent UK will have much greater flexibility to adapt our laws and regulations in a rapidly changing world. Our Parliament will have the opportunity to make our businesses more competitive, offer greater consumer choice, make our financial system more secure and provide better protection for our environment.

2) Reforming Our Democratic System

The old two-party system has left many people feeling marginalised and disillusioned with politics. It is our Parliament’s responsibility to ensure that everyone is represented.


  • We will fight electoral fraud and the questionable use of postal voting
  • We will reform of the BBC and its license fee
  • We will reform of the civil service
  • We will reform of the House of Lords
  • We will scrap HS2 and divert the money to infrastructure projects in the Midlands and North (Isn’t HS2 just for getting rich people to London quicker?)
  • We will halve foreign aid spending
  • We will save £39 billion of taxpayer cash by leaving the EU on WTO terms
  • We will allocate £200 billion spending (from foreign aid, Brexit devoice bill, and HS2) to the regions
  • We will cut student loan interest
  • We will deliver free Wi-Fi on all public transport (National Wi-Fi Service)
  • We will expand international trade after Brexit through an expansive series of trade deals
  • We will promote small business opportunities by cutting red tap and offering zero business rates on the high street for retailers, offset by small internet sales tax